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Advertising with Us:

There are two rates of advertising

  • Gold Package £65 (which equates to £32.50 per issue - 2 issues) for full page advert
  • Silver package £45 (which equates to £22.50 per issue -2  issues) for half page advert 

You can of course just choose to advertise in one issue and see how it goes.

  • £35 for full page advert or
  • £25 for half page advert.

Feature page packages are available for our Honeymoon and Mini-moon Sections for the Autumn/Winter Edition at the same rate as the advertising.  Please contact us for more details at [email protected]  Please make sure you have read our terms & conditions before booking an advert.

10% off advertising costs for members of member of our Wedding Bee Suppliers Club.  To join just follow the 'Advertising in the Magazine' tab and press 'Wedding Bee Suppliers Club' tab in the drop-down section.

  • Advert Size:
  • Payment Method:
  • Please confirm you have read the Terms & Conditions:
Terms and Conditions for Advertising with Matrimony Magazine

By filling in the booking form above I/we understand that I/we have booked advertising space with Matrimony Magazine and are therefore liable to make payment.

?I/we understand that it is my/our responsibility to complete the online listing and to send the artwork in the correct format and size requested by the requested date. If this date is missed Matrimony Magazine will not accept responsibility for lack of advertising.

If you require Matriomony Magazine to create artwork for you, please make sure that you have sent your text and high resolution photographs (minimum of 300 dpi) to us two weeks before the due date so that we may send a proof to you before publication.

I/we hereby agree to the above terms and conditions.

By ticking the box in the booking form you confirm you will abide by our terms and conditions.