Full Year Advertising

Size as full page

£95 for 2 issues

Double Page Spread

Size as full page

£65 per issue

Inside Front Cover

Size as full page

£45 per issue

Outside Back Cover

Size as full page

£45 per issue

Full Page

Size:  216 mm (width) x 303 mm (height)

£25 per issue

Half Page (HorizOntal)

Size: 195 mm (width) x 141mm (height)

£15 per issue

Quarter Page

Size:  95 mm (width) x 141 mm (height)

£10 per issue

Advertising Rates

Here’s everything you need to know about how to supply your artwork to us.

We will of course design your artwork if you feel you might need a helping hand.  We do not charge for this service!

All we will need from you is the text that you wish to be included in your advert, you're company logo, image(s), any phone numbers, website link, social media links and an email address.  Then email the information to us at [email protected] or use the button below and let us know the size of advert that you want.

If you’re happy making your artwork then please find the dimensions & technical information below.

Please supply your advert as high-resolution PDFs / TIFFs / JPEGs. All artwork must be NO LESS than 300dpi in CMYK.

Please leave sufficient space between the text and the edge of the advert, preferably 5mm

  • Advert Size:
  • Payment Method:
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