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Natalie Jolley Photography - HEREFORDSHIRE

Hello, I'm guessing you're here to find a wedding photographer? Or perhaps to look for someone to take beautiful, soulful portraits? Well you've landed at the right place. This is my website, and I'm Natalie. An award winning photographer based in Herefordshire, who specialises in just that. Now you're probably wondering what makes me different from any other photographer? Surely we're all the same? Actually there are one or two things that make us all a little bit special. Here's mine. I was trained way back when film used to be in cameras. This has taught me a lot of patience. Something you occasionally need on a wedding day but more importantly it comes in handy in timing. Understanding when to push that all important shutter button, to capture action as it happens. I'm curious, which means I'm always on my feet running around wedding venues or locations on engagement shoots. It gives me the advantage of trying to find different angles and lighting that will give you breathtaking images. I'm creative. I live in a world of bold colours and imagination and I like to add little magical touches to my photos. I don't take forever. I don't want to mess with anyone's time, so once I've got the shot we move onto something new. I open to working with you. If you're nervous about having your photos taken, I totally understand that. I will give you something to do, or think about or even say to one another so you can relax and forget I'm even there. I'm sociable. That might not seem like something you've thought about from your photographer, but I think having someone who will talk to people and chat away will actually put everyone at ease. I'm not a photographer with a great big lens on the other side of the room. I like to get onto the dancefloor with you and get those fun air guitar moments. Whether it's your engagement, wedding or portrait shoot I’m a traveller by nature and happy to go on adventures with you. Take a look around my curious little world here on my website and see what I can do for you.

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Kate McCarthy Photography - MANCHESTER

Hey, I’m Kate!

And I'm a mama and a wife and a Yank export living just south of Manchester on the edge of Cheshire.  Also I'm a photographer! I grew up in the rolling green mountains of Vermont in northern New England (top right corner of the states, just above New York) in a town where people still don't lock their doors and my mama leaves the car keys in the footwell of the car 'just in case a neighbour needs to borrow it'. 

Maybe it's because of this small town upbringing or the openness of Vermonters but I've always approached the world in an 'arms-wide-open' way and several years ago managed to land in my dream job of capturing love and joy (the good stuff!) as a wedding and family photographer. 

Guys.  I LOVE my job.  After easing into it by working around my full-time admin job for a couple of years, I took the plunge after the birth of our daughter in 2015 and went full time and it has been the second best decision I've ever made (after moving to Hamburg where I met my husband!) 

I have since spent the past four years working my butt off in this amazing industry, meeting incredibly talented vendors and photographing some of the loveliest people I've ever met.  I do not take my responsibility lightly, I know just how lucky I am to be entrusted with your memories and see my job as one of an archivist: capturing your wedding and your family & friends in such a way that it preserves those moments; your wedding photos then become a time capsule, a reminder of the details, the feelings & emotions, the dancing, the vows, the joy. 

More than anything, I’m there for the JOY.

I hope you'll have me along.

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Chris Greenwood Photography - COTSWOLDS

Hello gang! I’m a Cotswolds wedding photographer based within the idilic rolling hills of the Cotswolds which is a wonderful place to take wedding photos for a living. I shoot weddings across the UK and being a wedding photographer living in Cheltenham, I’ve been able to shoot at a lot of luxury wedding photos at some rather beautiful wedding venues such as the wonderfully cosy Cripps Barn wedding venue, Kingscote Barn, the very fabulous Elmore Court wedding venue and the whimsical Aynhoe Park weddings.

As you will see my wedding photography style is very relaxed documentary style wedding photos which are fun and definately try to capture a fun vibe in my wedding photos. So if you think you don’t like having your photo taken, don’t worry I’ve got your back! My Aim in your stunning wedding photography is to document the true emotion and fun of your stunning day and making you laugh whilst you relive your special wedding.

Humblebee Photography - HEREFORDSHIRE

I'm Amy and I am a freelance photographer based in Herefordshire who loves an adventure. I'm a wedding and family photographer with a passion for natural light and sunsets. My natural light studio is based just outside of Monmouth in the countryside with lots of rolling fields perfect for those outdoor photoshoots. I love capturing those raw candid moments as they unfold in front of me. I discovered my love for photography when I was bought my first SLR camera in 2017, I took photos of EVERYTHING and eventually found that photography was like therapy to me and a way for me to express my creative side. Everything I do, everywhere I go I am constantly looking for new locations for your outdoor lifestyle photoshoots. I love putting my creative ideas to work and seeing the end result. My photography style very much documentary, relaxed and full of feelings. I am not just your photographer, I am another guest at your wedding, to hold your veil, to hold your dress, to keep a track of time so you can relax, I am there to do your dress up, fix button holes and so much more. Your wedding day isn't a photoshoot, its a day for you to enjoy with your family and loved ones and I am there to document it for you.

Electric Blue Photography + Films - BIRMINGHAM

Quirky wedding films & honest photography for madly in love couples, who don't take themselves too seriously. Shooting relaxed weddings in birmingham and throughout the uk. Capturing who you are.

Weddings are all about love and celebrating that love with your besties and having a blast. No wedding is the same but my approach to my wedding photography & films always is - I will always capture all the action, the mischief, the giggles and of course the shit dancing, without taking you away from the party for big chunks of time. Your wedding photos/ film should be as fun as your day was and should be able pop a smile on your face for years to come.
Capturing you are and all your awesomeness. If you want your wedding documented in a relaxed way by somebody you can have a laugh with, I'm your girl! I love fun weddings with plenty of personal touches and colour, I also fully believe that there can never be too much confetti.


Hi I am Sophie and thanks for visiting! I am a Gloucestershire based UK and destination Wedding Photographer. I live in the beautiful Stroud Valleys but love to travel.

I believe in making memories last a lifetime and what better way to go this than with vibrant, bright and natural photography? I offer a range of wedding collections to suit the needs of every wedding – no matter the size or location.

My biggest aim is to deliver a beautiful collection of photos that you can cherish forever. All whilst making you laugh and feel as relaxed as possible.

Check out my about page for more on me and my portfolio page for more of my amazing couple’s photos.

Nicola Legg Photography - Cirencester

Hi! I’m Nicola, a freelance wedding, family and equine photographer based in Cirencester in the heart of the Cotswolds. Voted ‘Wedding Photographer of the Year – 2022’ by Matrimony Magazine UK, I specialise in creative, documentary-style wedding photography. I am a self-proclaimed camera-phobic so I know exactly how you feel when you don’t like having your picture taken and I’m frequently chosen by couples who prefer my relaxed, storytelling approach to wedding photography and the authentic, emotive images I produce.

Kate Gavaletz-Smith Photography - Gloucestershire

Hi! I'm Kate, a portrait, wedding and music photographer from Gloucestershire, England.

I like my music loud, my coffee sweet and my photos bold, with a little bit of mood! I'm all about capturing the best side of you - they're your photos after all! If you hate being in front of the camera, I totally get it, so I'll work with you and do whatever I can to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Let's make some memories!

Featured Photographers in Your Wedding Section

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Hi my name is Mark, I am a professional wedding photographer based in Preston.

I am in  my element covering beautiful across the whole of the UK.
I am a documentary styled photographer, capturing your day like a fly on the wall.

I try to keep posing to the bare minimum for those who hate being in front of the camera.

I also like to be creative at night using flash to create some beautiful fine art photography.

I am a cheeky chappy who likes to get involved in your day but also professional in the way I interact with everyone on your special day. I blend in as though I was meant to be there.

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Hi I'm Peter!

I am based in the Lake District, but I am happy to travel far and wide for your event.

My passion for Photography started at a young age.I  have continued my Photography initially being interested in Landscape Photography which gave me an eye for symmetry and detail which can be seen reflected in my portfolio.

I am a Highly skilled Photographer with passion and flair with a developing Portfolio of Landscape,Wedding, Portraits and Celebration Photographs.