What are the rules for Weddings?

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What are the new wedding rules in England?

We have been asked to clarify the situation of the new wedding rules by our readers this morning.  Our understanding is that more than 30 guests will be able to attend a wedding from 21 June.

There is no set maximum number of guests who can be invited. However, venues must comply with social distancing rules, which will limit how many people they can host. They must also provide table service.

If you are holding a wedding in a private setting - such as a garden - you need to complete a risk assessment to determine how many guests you can host safely.

To find out more about the new rules for both wedding ceremonies and receptions please follow the link:



What are the rules in Scotland?

The number of people who can attend a wedding and reception varies:

The maximum number of people depends on the size of the venue and whether social distancing can be maintained. The marrying couple and witnesses are included in this number.

Food and drink must be served at tables. Alcohol can be served until 22:30 in level two areas, 23:00 in level one areas, and in line with local licensing laws in level zero areas.

What are the rules in Wales?

Weddings and civil partnerships can take place in "approved premises", up to the capacity of the venue given social distancing requirements.

Venues must take all reasonable measures to minimise Covid spread.

Face coverings must be worn indoors by everyone (aged 11 and over) when not eating or drinking, unless they have a reasonable excuse.

This does not apply to the married couple or the person officiating.

Wedding receptions can be in regulated venues for up to 30 people indoors (outdoors limit set by Covid-risk assessment of venue), not including children under 11. They cannot take place in private homes or gardens.

Food and drink are permitted in line with hospitality guidance.

Physical distancing should be maintained at tables to avoid households mixing.

What are the rules in Northern Ireland?

There is no limit on the number of people at a wedding, but venues must assess how many they can safely accommodate.

During the ceremony, face coverings must be worn by everyone (unless exempt), apart from the wedding couple and the person officiating.

Receptions can take place but:

  • There's no restriction on the number of people at the top table, but no more than 10 people (not including children) at every other table
  • You need to wear a mask when not seated
  • The wedding couple can have one dance only
  • Pre-recorded music is permitted at background level

An "indicative" date of 21 June (subject to 17 June review) has been set to allowed live music at "ambient levels". But dancing will still not be allowed.